Keyrung customs point reopens today
Keyrung customs point reopens today
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Oct 15, 2015- China is all set to resume operations at the Rasuwagadhi-Keyrung customs point from Thursday. The customs point has remained closed since the April 25 earthquake. The Chinese side has completed reconstruction of the 10km road segment on their side that was severely hit by the quake. Rasuwa Chief District Officer Shiva Ram Gelal confirmed the northern neighbour would resume operations at the customs point. “The Chinese side has reconstructed the infrastructure there,” he said, adding Nepal too has completed preparations to bring the customs point back into operation. Nepal has set up an immigration office, customs office and quarantine. For security purposes, Timmure-based police unit has planned to initiate customs-based operation. As per the traders, Rasuwagadhi customs is the shortest China trade route. They said they were now planning to contract transport companies to import goods from Guangzhou, China, through this route. The trade route first came into operation on December 1, 2014.

Published: 15-10-2015 08:46
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